604 681 9334 - info@pizzeriafarina.com
915 main street, vancouver, BC V6A 2V8
open daily, 5pm until the dough runs out



Q. Do you take reservations?

A. We are a walk-in restaurant only

Q. Do you have gluten free dough?

A. We use local organic wheat flour and do not currently have a suitable gluten free alternative

Q. Can I pre-order pizzas for pickup?

A. Yes; however, we do recommend coming in to visit us if possible as phone orders are often not possible during peak times

Q. How come you don’t answer your phone occasionally?

A. During busy rushes, our 2 pizza ovens can get pretty backed up and we can sometimes have a fairly lengthy cue of guests at the door. We need to tend to the guests in the restaurant first before we can return to the phone to take call-in orders.

Q. Do you have vegan options?

A. Yes! Our Ratatouille pizza is vegan friendly

Q. How big are your pizzas?

A. Approximately 12 inches (cut into 6 slices)

Q. Do you serve slices?

A. We only offer the whole pie, not by the slice

Q. How much pizza does one person eat?

A. We typically see most individuals eat ¾ of a pizza (really hungry folks can sometimes polish off a whole pie though)

Q. Are you licensed?

A. Yes! We serve beer and wine (no hard bar)

Q. Do you allow substitutions? (Ie. Bring in my own vegan cheese)

A. We politely decline substitutions, however, you are welcome to add anything from our “EXTRA TOPPINGS” menu. (We will, of course, always make every effort to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions)

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